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Hotel Valet Parking Management

The first touch of customer service your hotel guests will experience is your valet service. Express Parking always strives to set a high industry standard for achieving delight through guest service, and we are an extension of your hotel brand by absorbing your service delivery standards.

We have the friendliest valets who are always ready to serve your guests with a smile, come rain or shine. Our well trained valets are accustomed to give an excellent guest experience from the moment they step out of their cars. Our end goal is to create a lasting impression on every hotel guest, so that they remember how pleasant the valet was, how efficiently he dealt with them, how promptly he got the car back when they were leaving. It is these imprints on your guests’ memory which will keep them coming back for more.

Additionally, our valets are experts in parking space management; hence they would ensure that the available parking space is efficiently utilized.

Restaurant Valet Parking Management

The most critical part about any top notch restaurant is that they run mostly on reservations, which means there are footfalls throughout the day, with increased frequency during prime time hours of lunch and dinner. Generally, the way schedules work; your clients are running from one meeting to lunch to another meeting, which means time is of the essence. The moment the patron arrives, their first priority is to take a seat at the table booked and to get down to the pleasurable business of eating.

What they need, and what you need as a restaurant owner, is a savvy valet at the door, who can whisk their car away to a safe parking lot promptly, and get it back on time once they are done. Our valets greet with warmth and serve with a passion that really rubs off on your patrons. We all like people who respect our time, and the valets at Express Parking are just what the doctor ordered.

We are certain about this – our restaurant valet parking management service in the San Francisco Bay Area will definitely leave a good taste behind, long after your customer has gone home after a delectable meal at your reputed establishment.

Garage Parking Management

With our extensive experience in Garage and Surface Lot Management, Express Parking makes the most out of your available parking space. Our unparalleled service is focused on maximizing your parking structure investments in order to enhance your revenue.

We are experts in space management and ensure that all available parking bays are utilized in the most efficient manner. We have a good exposure to managing parking during peak hours, where demand is high and there is time pressure and space constraint.

We are also adept in innovative marketing plans, low operational cost and competitive pricing, which ensures you get impressive returns on investment. What sets us apart is our team work, promptness and our service with a smile, which would keep customers coming back, looking for their vacant spot in your garage!

Property Parking Management

Whether in-house garage or outsourced parking solutions, Express Parking is well versed with parking management within residential and commercial buildings. As a property owner, you can turn to our services to handle your parking needs for your residents. We have the best team of parking experts from valets to supervisors and managers who work together to achieve the highest customer-rating for excellent parking service in the San Francisco Bay area.

Our friendly and passionate staff creates a warm ambience as we welcome and send off your residents and guests at any time of the day and night ensuring minimum wait times. We focus on giving your residents a wow experience and giving them pride that they are residents at your property. After all, facility management at any property forms a key part in its reputation, and we, at Express Parking, make sure your flag is flying high, constantly.

Private Event Valet Parking

When it comes to your private events, we believe that the first impressions usually last the longest. From the time they arrive, we make your honored guests feel respected and welcome. We ensure your guests’ comfort by providing them with professionally uniformed and well-groomed valet parking attendants. We are well equipped to handle every scale, small events of 25 guests to large scale events of 2000!

Our attendants serve with smile and are well trained to operate all makes and models of vehicles. We ensure service is prompt and parking done is efficient. We realize that experienced valets can ensure more parking done in the space available, and we do just that.

For a free quote, please contact us and we would love to offer you with custom parking solutions that will be valuable to your hotel, restaurant, garage or residential building! As in our service, our response will be prompt.

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